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Supporting Your Go-Anywhere Workflow

With company resources hosted on the cloud, staff are free to move locations without interrupting their workflow. They could start their day working on their laptop on the train, then move seamlessly to the office, then offsite for a meeting. Many cloud resources are accessible through a web browser, so they are easily accessible on various devices.

By making use of the vast resources on the Cloud, businesses can enjoy many benefits.

The Benefits of Cloud Computing

Once on the cloud, your company data is easily accessible and allows for a faster project start-up, saving time and money. With cloud services you pay for what you need right now, in terms of computing power and storage. This saves on purchasing costly, futureproof hardware that will accommodate business growth., but it not needed right now.

Using the cloud can empower a business to be more agile. If a project suddenly requires more IT resources than anticipated, it can increase the cost and delay delivery of the project, potentially even leading to failure. With Cloud Computing extra resources can be requested and delivered easily and efficiently. If a new office needs to be setup, with the connectivity of the Cloud, this can be easily achieved.

Company data is valuable when it is accessible. By using cloud analytics, customized reports can be created to analyze company information, leading to insights and innovations otherwise unreachable.

The inter-connectedness of cloud computing enables collaboration among employees regardless of their distance from each other.

With everyone having access to the same information stored on the cloud, quality control is better maintained.

By storing company resources offsite on the cloud, it removes a single point of failure so even in the event of a disaster, data loss is less likely.

Software updates are ongoing and can be a drain on resources. Using the cloud, updates no longer need to be performed in-house.

The Benefits of Cloud Computing

Hawkins Consulting will support you every step of the way, migrating key systems to the cloud and running your business more effectively in the cloud. The support extends to IT hardware, which lasts a finite time and businesses are challenged with a never-ending hardware lifecycle.

Upgrading hardware is costly in terms of purchasing, but also implementation. Additional costs are borne with the inevitable business downtime. Hosting services on the cloud removes these challenges.

Securing Your Cloud Workflow

Cloud workflows can be used to automate repetitive tasks. These are hosted on secure servers that are only accessible by staff. Cloud computing is the way forward for business computing. With the help of the team at Hawkins Consulting, your business can enjoy the many benefits that working from the cloud can provid


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