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Software Development

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Helping You Integrate and Streamline Workflow

Organizational growth is often hampered by software that doesn’t quite fit how you do business. By investing in software development services, you can overcome obstacles and leverage technology as a competitive advantage.

Our team has extensive software development experience not often found in IT partners that serve the small to mid-size business market. This strategic advantage gives you a fighting chance against your much larger competitors with their in-house software development teams.

We will work with you to understand your goals and develop a plan to make them a reality. Whether you need help developing a new application, integrating your current applications, or streamlining your operations, we’ve got you covered.

Over the years, our team has delivered software development projects ranging in complexity and cost from $2.5k to $1M+. We offer custom development driven by a full product management team.

Have a Project? We Can Help.

  • Web-Based Application Development 
  • Database Design 
  • Business Process Automation
  • Integration of New/Legacy Systems
  • Financial Accounting Systems Integrations
  • Middleware and Integrations (connecting different systems)
  • API Integrations
  • Our team of software developers has put in more than one million hours creating solutions in industries such as:

    • Retail
    • Automotive 
    • eCommerce
    • Finance
    • Non-profit
    • Publishing

Don’t see your industry listed? That’s okay. Because we have worked with some of the most complex industries out there, we’re confident that we can tackle your software development project and succeed in delivering you a solution that works for your unique application.

Our Software Development Process

Working with you to determine what software development solutions could be the best way forward for your business.
Doing our due diligence by putting a plan of action into place that addresses the concerns of all stakeholders.
Putting the agreed-upon plan into action, tackling each step with professionalism, collaboration, and expertise.
Conducting testing on each feature in full detail to determine if it meets the quality assurance standards and objectives set out in the initial project plan.
Utilizing an iterative approach to software development, we deliver each aspect of the final project as it is ready to be put into use and improving it as needed when it comes into contact with real-world use by your employees.

Systems Integration

Systems integration is the process of linking different computing systems and software applications together, either physically or functionally, to act as one coordinated application. Integrating software systems helps your business reduce wasted time and be more efficient. It can help you increase your productivity and focus more on what is more important. We have used systems integrations to allow businesses to:

  • seamlessly share information with vendors and partners
  • automate the data entry processes
  • reduce labor costs
  • reduce human error
  • and much more…

Application Maintenance

From managing a legacy system to developing modernized, new applications, application maintenance is a must in this fast-paced, technology-dependent marketplace. 

  • align your application usage with your changing business requirements
  • reduce the system downtime
  • improve process and productivity 
  • increase performance 
  • enhance and extend the life of the applications

We can help you maintain your current systems or do a custom application renovation so your applications can comply with a new set of regulations/standards or other external demands.

Let’s get started. Contact our team to begin a no-obligation conversation regarding your software development needs.


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